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General & for Website Visitors:

We at Bargain Pundit do not sell any product or services. is a reference site listing Products at their cheapest prices. The information regarding products and deals listed here on our site are sourced from the open domain and from Sellers who have partnered with us and are available to all, on merchant sites and other sources. Merchant sites are absolutely and finally responsible for the products and services they provide. 

We have tracked and sourced the deals and product price’s manually over the Net using all resources available to us and are sharing them here for the mutual benefit of the users of our Site. We also allow Sellers who have partnered with us to showcase and feature their products on our site as long as they fulfil on of the two important criteria. Firstly, that the price of the product should be the lowest of the Day or secondly it should be the Lowest Ever. This ensures that our Users get ready to use information regarding products at lowest price at one place rather than wasting time searching. We try to save both money and time for our Users.

All Users and Sellers on must be 18 years and over. Your usage of Site confirms that you accept that you are above 18 years of age and are not a person barred from receiving or providing services under the laws as applicable in India.

We try hard to ensure that the prices we List for our Bargain Products or deals are the best prices or the cheapest prices for the product at the time of Listing by the Sellers. This however can change over any period of time given the dynamic nature of product prices and are posted in good faith to help our community. We are not responsible for changes in prices, specifications, availability or the product's listing on merchant sites after we have listed them.

We do not endorse or stand guarantee for any product, deal or Website mentioned and listed on our Site and neither are we responsible for the delivery, warranty, product quality or service provided by Merchant sites. We just list information regarding product prices located by us or provided by our Sellers.

The user is governed by rules and policies of the merchant site the user visits or places orders on. Every effort is made by us and every precaution is taken to ensure that deals and products listed on our site are genuine or not from fraudulent sites or Sellers. However, we advise user discretion, common sense and prudence in ascertaining the same. 

Deals, Product Listings, Product Availability, Product Specifications, Coupon or Voucher codes mentioned on our site are time bound and expire as per the schedules of the Merchant Site policy. We have no control over them and we can only ensure that Deals and Products are ‘live’ and working at the time of listing on our Site. We recommend that the users check our site often to get the earliest information regarding the Products, Deals, Coupons and Voucher codes so that they can use them while they are still valid. They can bookmark us, save our link as favorites on their browser and also subscribe to our Newsletter (Launching Shortly!). We also recommend our users follow us on Facebook at and other social networking sites as listed on our Site to keep themselves updated with the latest information.

We do not claim exclusive ownership of the information regarding deals and product prices as they are sourced from the open domain or provided by Sellers to us directly. Some deals and information might be available at different sources and vis-a-versa but this is only because we aim to have the largest collection of deals at one place here and to eventually create a Seller provided system where will list all products across all relevant categories at the best bargain prices. (Please read ‘About” us and our mission statement).

All Logo’s, Trademark’s and Brand’s mentioned on our Site, in written or shown as images are only for illustrative, descriptive and information purposes only, and do not imply any partnership, ownership or direct links with our sites or vise-versa. They are provided to help our users understand the listings and they are property of their respective owners and companies. 

All user activity on our Site, is free for all users. We do not charge money from the end-users of for using any of our services. All information provided on our site is the same for all our users. It is up to the user to see how they utilize the advantage we provide them. Our endeavor is to build a comprehensive Listing of Products with the focus on assisting Users to get products at the cheapest price possible.

All information provided by us is shared in good faith and or its owners are not liable for any misinformation, misinterpretation or misunderstanding at the user end of any kind. We are also not financially responsible for any losses or damage incurred of any kind to any user by using our site or the information we provide.

General & for Website Visitors & Sellers:

Terms and Conditions of use of will be updated periodically and will be updated on our Website, The onus is on the Users and Sellers to read the same and keep themselves updated as these updates to policies will not be individually shared with our users or sellers. has the right to change or discontinue or modify any service at any time without notice. You further acknowledge that may add or modify procedures, processes, systems or conditions of listing at any time to adapt to changes that makes to its services and shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of any aspect of our services.

For Sellers: will neither indulge in nor encourage unfair trade practices or cheating.

We will not list pornography, item of illegal nature or any product or information that promotes or incites violence, discrimination of any kind, hatred or is unsuitable for community or unpatriotic in nature.

We have a zero tolerance on this and Sellers indulging in any of the above will be summarily banned from our site and their access at disabled and Cancelled.

You shall have only one active account on the website and are prohibited from selling, trading or transferring your account to another party.

You will complete all documentation as required by our registration process and submit genuine and true information to us. You will be responsible for the authenticity of all information you submit to us and any failure to do so, or any attempt to mislead or provide false information will be taken strict action on, including termination of your seller account and withdrawal of our services to you.

You will submit all payments required by our contract, within the stipulated time period to continue using our services after which all services committed to you will be withdrawn. 

We’re committed to providing a safe place to list items. Using Intellectual property like copyrighted material and trademarks, in an unlawful way, is considered infringement, which is against the law and policies. Sellers will not use trademarks or copyrighted material which they do not have permission to use or imply ownership of brands, trademarks or logo’s which do not belong to them and will specify otherwise wherever required.

You also agree that you will not unfairly manipulate or unreasonably reduce the pricing of your products which you do not intend to sell at that price, only to attract the users.