Top 5 Things to consider when buying a Guitar

You’ve decided to learn the Guitar. The easy part unfortunately is over now. To help you ease over the difficult decision we’ve put together the Top 10 things you should consider before buying an Acoustic Guitar.

  1. Budget: The first important hurdle to cross is to decide how much you want to spend. It is a passing interest or are you serious about becoming a musician. Would you want to spend just a few thousand bucks to get a beginner’s guitar or are you comfortable shelling out 10k and above to get a state of the art guitar for the long run. Take a call based on whether you just want to learn the basics first and then upgrade or whether you’re only comfortable with buying the best that money can buy.

  2. Research:  It’s always advisable to research any product before buying but before you shell out for a guitar it would be best to decide which type of guitar you want to buy. Would you prefer an Acoustic Guitar or an Electric Guitar. Which one’s are available in your budget and which would suit your personality and style. Do you have easy access to people who can guide you. Find you where you can get the gear either at best prices. Online or Offline. Research, research and research till you’re sure of what you want to do

  3. Decision: Electric or Acoustic? What are the different types of each available. Which type of music can you play using different types of Guitar’s. Base this on the type of music you’re fond of because that’s the type of music you’ll end up practicing and playing. What are the advantage and disadvantages of each type. Then the rest becomes easy.

  4. Where to Buy: Look up where to buy the guitar you want. What is the best price available online for different models. Are you getting the best price and discount. Can you get the accessories for the guitar at the same place. What is the return policy of the site and what kind of warranty or guaranty are they providing. Identify where you’re going the get the Guitar at the best bargain.

  5. Lock and Load: Place the order for the Guitar which you’ve decided from where you’ve decided. Order the accessories required and get ready. Register online or offline for beginner guitar classes or identity sites where you can teach yourself the basics online and bookmark sites which will be able to help you learn.

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